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Enjoy a truffle tasting experience at home!

Truffles found on our farm are the result of hard work, passion and our overall philosophy of excellence.

Our value-added truffle products are a true testament to this, and one we are truly proud of.

While nothing beats fresh truffle, in Australia fresh truffles are only available from June to the end of August, however our high-quality range of truffle aroma enhanced products allows even the novice home cook to enjoy a truffle experience in their own home at any time of the year.

Our extensive recipe catalogue below, can help even the most basic home cook prepare an exquisite snack or meal.

Dirty Truffle Martini

Experience the height of cocktail luxury with the Dirty Truffle Martini, a sophisticated twist on the classic dirty martini. This drink masterfully combines the boldness of truffle-infused vodka with the savoury zest of olive brine, crowned by the rich allure of Truffle Hill Truffle Oil. Garnished with green olives, this martini is a celebration of opulence and flavour, perfect for those special moments that call for an extraordinary touch.


1 (Easily scalable for additional servings)



  1. Chill the Martini Glass: Place your martini glass in the freezer for a few minutes.
  2. Mix the Cocktail:
    In a mixing glass filled with ice, combine truffle vodka, dry vermouth, and olive brine.
    Add Truffle Hill Black Truffle Oil for an extra layer of truffle flavour.
  3. Stir Thoroughly: Stir the mixture gently but thoroughly until well-chilled. This helps to blend the flavours without diluting the cocktail too much.
  4. Strain and Garnish:
    Strain the cocktail into the chilled martini glass.
    Garnish with green olives stuffed. If you have access to fresh truffles, add a thin slice of black truffle as an additional garnish.
  5. Serve Immediately: Enjoy your Dirty Truffle Martini, a perfect blend of the classic martini’s boldness with the sophisticated taste of truffles.

You’ve got the Recipe – now start cooking!

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