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Truffle Hill: Home of the Finest Australian Black Truffles

Nestled among the towering karri forests of Manjimup lies Truffle Hill, Australia’s premier farm producing the world’s most coveted black truffles.

Our Passionate Pursuit of Excellence

A singular vision led Truffle Hill to be established in 1997: cultivating and offering the highest quality Black Périgord (Tuber Melanosporum) truffles in Australia. We chose the famed terroir of Manjimup, Western Australia, because of its climate and environment rivalling Périgord, France. We planted the first truffle-inoculated hazelnut and oak trees on vast rolling hills studded with towering forest giants. With this act, we pioneered black truffle farming in mainland Australia.

The Genesis of a Truffle Legacy

Staying true to artisan practices, our founders built the company with care – protecting the land, valuing staff, and trusting specially trained dogs to find truffles at their peak ripeness. Our first flawless black truffle emerged in 2003, marking the genesis of Truffle Hill’s legacy.

Pioneers in Truffle Production on Mainland Australia

Today, our 52-hectare estate, harmoniously integrated with vineyards and orchards, spans over 55 kilometres of meticulously arranged hazel and oak trees. As the Southern Hemisphere’s leading truffle producer, our commitment to research and quality has made us one of the world’s largest single-farm producer of black truffles. Our truffles are acclaimed globally for their outstanding aroma, flavour complexity and unrivalled consistency.

“Walking over the land, its contours, smelling the richness of the soil, the surrounding karri and jarrah forests, we knew this was a very special place. It exudes a quality I can’t identify, a feeling that is almost magical.”
Alf Salter, Founder

The Magic of Manjimup - A Landscape of Purity

Manjimup enjoys a temperate climate, deep inland from Australia’s rugged southern coast. Lush green undergrowth and mossy forest floors carpet the land under cathedral-like canopies of giant old-growth Karri and Marri trees. Many of these forest monarchs stand over 100 meters tall with trunks as wide as small cars. Rainfall is plentiful, mist often swirls in the air, and the scent of eucalyptus pervades.

With ancient, rich, loamy soils, Manjimup is one of Australia’s most prolific food bowls, producing avocados, stone fruits, berries and more. We could not have chosen a more magical location for a truffle farm.
Manjimup’s natural splendour resonates with all who visit this vibrant sanctuary. For Truffle Hill, it is a profound embodiment of our dedication to purity and harmonious co-existence with nature.
Manjimup’s pristine environment, with its ancient ecosystems, pure streams and clean air, creates the ideal conditions to produce our signature earthy, aromatic black truffles.

Experience the Excitement of Truffle Hunting at Truffle Hill

Embark on exploring the world of truffles at Truffle Hill, where the revered tradition of truffle hunting takes centre stage. Guided by our exceptional dogs, gifted with unparalleled olfactory abilities, our harvest emerges as a calibration between man, animal, and earth.

Join us on this unique expedition, witnessing the finesse and discipline of these incredible animals as they uncover the treasures hidden beneath the soil. Engage hands-on in the delicate arts of truffle harvesting and grading, fostering a deeper appreciation for the skill and refinement encapsulated in our truffle production.

Our truffle hunts are only available during the truffle season

Our Truffle Dogs

Truffle hunting relies on the skill and enthusiasm of dogs that love their special job. Far from mere workers, our dogs are cherished members of our family. We ensure our dogs are treated with love and respect. Our handlers actively play with and reward the dogs. We structure hunting so our dogs are never overworked and get adequate rest between short hunting sessions. Our dogs enjoy purposeful work outdoors and the affection of their handlers. Seeing our dogs’ smiles and eagerness to hunt is one of the greatest joys of our work. Their enthusiasm inspires our own passion for discovering hidden treasures beneath the soil.

Truffle Treasures, Year Round

Our range of truffle products lets you enjoy the divine truffle flavour and aroma anytime. Fresh truffles have a short shelf life and are only harvested for a few months of the year. But with our products, the magical flavour of truffles can now be enjoyed all year round.

Infuse everyday dishes with notes of musk and garlic using our Black Périgord Truffle Oil. For cheese boards, drizzle on sweet Black Truffle Honey. Our Black Truffle Tapenade makes a savoury accompaniment to meats and bruschetta. Add umami to sandwiches with Black Truffle Mustard and Aioli. Finish with Black Truffle Salt or a dash of Ponzu.

Made with care using our fresh truffles, these artisanal goods have found eager fans in top restaurants and gourmet stores worldwide. Our growing range elevates cooking to new heights of flavour. With Truffle Hill, you can uncover truffle treasure year-round.
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