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Our blog is a celebration of the luxurious world of truffles tailored for enthusiasts, connoisseurs, and the curious alike. Here, you’ll find a wealth of information, from the art of truffle cultivation in our verdant Manjimup fields to the intricacies of selecting and savouring these exquisite gems. Dive into expert tips, engaging stories, and truffles’ fascinating history and science. Join us in uncovering the mystique and elegance of truffles, enhancing your appreciation and knowledge with every article.

cheesecake with truffle honey
Truffle Hill Team

Truffle Honey Cheesecake

Indulge in the luxurious fusion of rich flavours with our Truffle Honey Cheesecake, a masterpiece curated by Kim Brennan, the esteemed Executive Chef from Perth’s celebrated State Buildings. This isn’t just any ordinary dessert. It’s an experience that effortlessly blends the deep, earthy essence of truffle with the delicate sweetness

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truffled arancini balls
Truffle Hill Team

Truffle Arancini Balls

Imagine an evening where the rich, earthy tones of truffles meet the delightful crunch of arancini balls—a classic Italian delicacy reimagined. Truffle Arancini Balls, a luxurious twist on traditional risotto fritters, promise an unforgettable gourmet experience that won’t disappoint truffle lovers or chefs alike. Perfectly paired with a glass of

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Darian Cheffers

How to Use Truffles in Cooking: Elevate Every Dish

The captivating aroma and flavour of black truffles exude an undeniable sense of luxury. A single bite of their earthy essence can transform even the simplest culinary creation into a delectable delight. But: Skillfully incorporating these prized fungi into your dishes requires a delicate touch to showcase their distinct taste

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Truffle Hill Team

Hierarchy Of Truffles: Not All Truffles Are Created Equal

To the discerning palate, few ingredients command the same reverence and desire as truffles—the fragrant, earthy treasures of the fungal kingdom.  However:  Not all truffles are created equal—a distinct hierarchy of truffles exists with more coveted, valuable and downright exceptional varieties than others.  In this article, you’ll learn what distinguishes

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Truffle Hill Team

Truffle Mushroom Gnocchi

In the heart of a bustling week, Chef Dean Williams of Meelup Farmhouse brings to your table a gourmet delight that marries convenience with luxury—Truffle Mushroom Gnocchi. Crafted for those crunched for time, this recipe transforms store-bought gnocchi and Truffle Hill’s Truffle Tapenade with Mushroom into a culinary masterpiece. Ready

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truffles and mushrooms
Truffle Hill Team

Is Truffle a Mushroom? The Enigma of the Gourmet World

Have you ever found yourself at a fancy dinner, marvelling at a dish garnished with truffles, and wondered, “Is this exquisite addition actually a mushroom?” With their earthy aroma and complex flavours, truffles have long occupied a place of honour in the culinary world, often surrounded by an aura of

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