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Truffles Galore

An experience worth sharing

An experience worth sharing

At the heart of Manjimup’s famed Seven Day Road is the home of Western Australia’s first truffière.

Surrounded by vineyards, orchards and majestic rolling hills, our estate produces the world’s best and most aromatic black winter truffles (Tuber melanosporum), award-winning cool climate wines and experiences that money can’t buy.

Our Truffles

Are our blood, sweat and tears, mixed with laughter, passion, mystery and morning truffle hunts. For a few weeks a year our two most important team members, Charley, Punzy, Marnie and Colby, unearth the finest quality Black Perigord Truffle.

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The Farm

You always know when you come across someone who’s ventured into Truffle Hill, they certainly don’t talk about the place, they reminisce. Early morning mist across the valley, calls of [name] and [name] as they gently dig with paw covered mittens and the rather peculiar description of a golf ball shaped truffle.

Although, there’s a lot more that goes into producing the Black Perigord Truffle from Truffle Hill as romantic and as sought after as it still is today. It’s everything from the quaint town in Western Australia called Manjimup, the stories of the Truffle Hunts, the sweet earthy aroma’s from fruity fungi, to the tantalising dishes that bring to life the real essence of the truffle in every single, aromatically pleasing dish that has the ability to heighten ones senses and create an atmosphere likened to that of a group of life long friends, high on life and intoxicated on nothing but truffle.

  • Since establishing in Manjimup, Western Australia in 1997, passion and dedication and application of sound science, coupled with an extraordinary microclimate has seen Truffle Hill become the largest producer of superior black perigord truffles in the world and a premier truffière.

    The truffière (pronounced troo-fee-air) and vineyard at Truffle Hill is situated on 53 hectares of picturesque, undulating land surrounded by Karri and Jarrah forests. The truffière was established under the expert guidance of mycologist Dr Nick Malajczuk, who is recognised as a world authority on edible fungi.

    We produce Black Winter Truffles (Tuber melanosporum), which are known the world over as a rare and expensive gourmet delicacy. The first inoculated trees were planted in 1997 and 6 years later the first truffle was discovered, weighing in at 168g. Our truffle production has grown steadily over time, from 600kg in 2008 to more than 5,000kg. We export over 90% of our crop and supply the world’s best known restaurants.

    Truffle Hill works closely with truffle farmers, hunters and distributors from around the world to share knowledge, research and development - and of course, truffles. Through these relationships we’ve established worldwide recognition for the quality of our home-grown truffles and supply to more than 40 countries, including America, France, germany, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

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