"Truffles are one of the most exquisite foods and there's nothing better in the world "

Our world-class truffles are favoured by the most exclusive Michelin Star Chefs and are featured on menus throughout Australia, Germany, Spain, Denmark, the UK, the USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

There has always been an air of mystique, intrigue and folklore about truffles and this extends all the way to Australia. Truffles enhance almost any dish with their pungent, rich and tantalising aroma. The delicate use of fresh truffle in fine food can create the perfect evening at home or at your favourite restaurant.

“If the best French truffles are rated at 10, then on this scale truffles from Truffle Hill at Manjimup deserve to be rated as 10 ½ out of 10.

Ralf Bos is referred to as the “truffle pope” of Germany. He has a celebrated background as a chef in European fine dining establishments and is a sought-after TV foodie personality.”

Chef Ralf Bos

Storing Your Fresh Truffles

The Truffle Hill team developed a process to enable each truffle to maintain freshness and quality, so you can enjoy bringing your dishes to life with our exquisite truffles in your own home.

Truffles are best eaten fresh, within 3 or 4 days of purchase, but to keep them longer, up to about 7 to 14 days, gently wrap them in absorbent paper (such as a paper towel) and store in a dry glass/plastic jar/container in the crisper compartment not the cold part of the refrigerator. The absorbent paper should be changed daily, and the jar must be kept dry.

Our fresh truffles are available from May to mid August and can be pre-ordered | darian@trufflehill.com.au.

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