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Our blog is a celebration of the luxurious world of truffles tailored for enthusiasts, connoisseurs, and the curious alike. Here, you’ll find a wealth of information, from the art of truffle cultivation in our verdant Manjimup fields to the intricacies of selecting and savouring these exquisite gems. Dive into expert tips, engaging stories, and truffles’ fascinating history and science. Join us in uncovering the mystique and elegance of truffles, enhancing your appreciation and knowledge with every article.

Truffle Hill Team

Truffle Dogs: Pioneering Canine Heroes in Black Truffle Harvest

Over the years, Truffle Hill has become the Southern Hemisphere’s leading truffle producer and is the world’s most recognisable Australian truffle brand, thanks largely to our truffle dogs. Our team of trainers and truffle hunters pour love into our dogs, and, in turn, the dogs help us find over 50-80

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Truffle Hill Team

Health Benefits of Truffles: Nature’s Underground Treasure

Though a specialty prized by chefs for unique flavour and various aromas, are there health benefits of truffles? These delicacies have adorned the tables of gourmet restaurants for decades — and yes, they have some amazing benefits. Health Benefits of Truffles Truffles are rare and exquisite fungi, often referred to

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