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Are Truffles an Aphrodisiac? Decoding the Romantic Secret

From psychedelics, caffeine replacements, and anxiety reducers, most of us know mushrooms are magic — but are truffles an aphrodisiac?

Mushroom varieties like Cordyceps, Chaga, and Reishi have aphrodisiac qualities, and we have our fingers crossed that our Black Périgord at Truffle Hill does, too.

What Is an Aphrodisiac?

Aphrodisiacs are foods believed to increase sex drive, which is controlled by the body’s hormone levels. The hormones cause a chain reaction once we encounter something sexually stimulating.

Aphrodisiacs influence this chain reaction.

They create sexual desire by influencing the mind or by affecting the body. Some can:

  • Stimulate the production of hormones
  • Increase blood flow to the sex organs
  • Heighten the senses, triggering the body’s arousal response

Many common foods are considered aphrodisiacs:

  • Nuts improve blood circulation and heart health.
  • Avocados balance hormones and contain folate, a vitamin necessary for histamine production, released during orgasm.
  • Pomegranates increase testosterone levels.
  • Alcohol lowers inhibition, which may make you more open to a sexual encounter. Michael Krychman, a clinical sexual counsellor, believes red wine is linked to sex because it benefits heart health.

Are Mushrooms Aphrodisiacs?

The nutritional benefits of mushrooms have long been understood with their immune-boosting, antibacterial, and inflammation-reduction properties.

“Magic” mushrooms became popular in the 1960s for their hallucinogenic effect. Now, medicinal mushrooms are all the rage. Varieties like Lion’s Mane and Shiitake have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries.

Medical mushrooms function as adaptogens, helping the body positively deal with stress, anxiety, and fatigue. This encourages its systems to return to homeostasis. Balanced hormones increase sleep, mood, focus, and energy.

As for the issue at hand?

Yes. Some varieties are most celebrated for their status as aphrodisiacs:

  • Cordyceps: Long, slender, and bright orange, this mushroom has been an aphrodisiac for thousands of years. In women, a Cordyceps supplement can improve sex drive. A Chinese study reported an 86% rise in libido after consumption.
  • Chaga: Resembling wood mulch, Chaga is rich in antioxidants, increasing vitality and stamina. The fungus can also boost testosterone, physical resilience, and energy.
  • Reishi: Brown and leathery, this variety is the most popular medical mushroom for its all-around health benefits. But it’s called “the magic mushroom of the bedroom” for a reason. For hundreds of years, the Chinese have believed the fungus can enhance sexual prowess and increase fertility.

Are Truffles Aphrodisiacs?

“Historically, foods considered to be aphrodisiacs were hard to find, rare or expensive, like truffles,” says Martha Hopkins, author of the cookbook Intercourses.

But an aphrodisiac needs to be more than just rare and desirable:

1. Myth

Greeks believed truffles were the “seed” of Zeus. His lighting penetrated the ground, “impregnating” Earth with the fungus. These ancient beliefs were so strong that they still influence our perceptions of truffles today.

2. Smell

Truffle hunters have said the mushroom’s odour calls to mind “the muskiness of a rumpled bed after an afternoon of love.” This scent is caused by the presence of androstenol. This male pheromone increases sexual desire in women.

3. Nutrients

Truffles are a good source of amino acids, which help the body produce hormones. They have a high concentration of protein: 100g of truffle contains 7.9g of protein.

That’s about 1.5 eggs!

Protein gives your body energy for whatever may happen after dinner.

So, are the Black Périgord at Truffle Hill aphrodisiacs?

  • Rare and desirable: Our truffles only ripen from June to August and have a short shelf-life.
  • Myth: We pioneered truffle farming, making the Manjimup Hills a place of truffle lore.
  • Scent: They have a pungent and tantalising aroma that lingers long after the last bite.
  • Nutrients: Our truffles pass through rounds of sorting so that only the best reaches our customers.

Good news! Truffles are an aphrodisiac. Your next date should be a good one! All that’s left to do is pick a recipe for dinner…

How To Prepare Truffles for a Night In

Now that we’re convinced black truffles are the perfect aphrodisiac, how do you turn this culinary diamond into a bedroom gem?

  1. Keep things simple: The truffle is the star of the show, so simple dishes, like a creamy risotto, better highlight the mushroom’s unique flavour.
  2. Less is more: Though you want the truffle to define a dish, you don’t want it to be the dish. It only takes a few slices or a sprinkle of shaving to make a truffle-flavoured meal shine.
  3. Don’t mask the aroma: Heat can dull a truffle’s scent. Add it to a hot dish moments before eating.
  4. Use a flavour carrier: Fat-based foods like butter, cream, or olive oil amplify a truffle’s flavour.
  5. Grate or shave the truffle: This exposes it to the air, releasing more of its famous scent.

Want to turn a good night into a good morning? Here’s another tip:

Wrap leftover truffles from dinner in a clean paper towel. Store in a lidded glass jar with a few raw eggs (still in their shells) and refrigerate. By morning, the eggs will have absorbed the truffle’s flavour.

After a hearty breakfast, your partner will be ready for round two!

Begin Your Love Story With Truffle Hill

Famous worldwide for their titillating aroma, complex flavour, and unparalleled consistency, our truffles make us the Southern Hemisphere’s leading truffle producer. And since truffles are an aphrodisiac, we can lead the world in successful date nights, too.

Picture of Truffle Hill Team

Truffle Hill Team

With years of collective expertise in truffle cultivation and a deep connection to the land, the Truffle Hill Team is dedicated to producing Australia's finest Black Périgord truffles. Our mission is to offer insights and stories that enlighten and inspire, from intricate farming techniques to the art of truffle harvesting. We cater to enthusiasts, chefs, and anyone curious about the world of truffles. When not tending to our truffles, we're exploring new methods and ideas to bring the unique essence of our truffles to your table.

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