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Truffle Mustard 110g

Popular Uses

  • Perfect with any barbecued meat
  • Brings hotdogs to the next level
  • Works well served with roast meats
  • Great in sandwiches (instead of mayonnaise or butter)
  • Perfect when added to salad dressings

Expertly made with real Dijon mustard blended with the finest Australian black Perigord truffles, this condiment will deliver a mild heat and a heady taste you won’t find anywhere else on the market. There is no limit to how versatile truffle mustard can be; only your imagination will limit it. Add this condiment to anything you like for everyday luxury. You can use it to make gourmet salad dressings or to enrich burgers and sausages. No matter what you eat – steak, sandwiches, or your Sunday roast – black truffle mustard will make everything far better. Try now!



Recipe: Croque Monsieur

2 slices crusty bread; a little stale to get the best results!

2 slices Gruyère or Emmenthal cheese

2 slices good quality ham

1 egg yolk

50ml cream butter

Truffle Hill Mustard


Slice the bread thinly. Lay the bread flat.

Spread some butter on the slices, place the cheese on both slices, place ham on both slices, spread with truffle mustard, press together, (as a sandwich) trim the sandwich if needed.

Whisk together the egg and cream. Dip the sandwich into the mixture before pan frying golden brown on both sides in a little butter.

Cut in half and serve. A rocket and pear salad will balance the intensity of the sandwich.

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