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About Black Truffles

Our Truffles: The Earth's Exquisite Black Diamonds

“If the best French truffles are rated at 10, then on this scale truffles from Truffle Hill at Manjimup deserve to be rated as 10 ½ out of 10.”

~ Chef Ralf Bos, “Truffle Pope” of Germany and sought after TV foodie personality

The Black Perigord Truffle: A Culinary Jewel

The Black Perigord Truffle (Tuber melanosporum) is the crown jewel of Truffle Hill, embodying a dedication to excellence that has become synonymous with our name. Culinary experts value this prestigious truffle for its deep, earthy aromas, nuanced flavours, and dark, textured exterior.

The truffle is actually the fruiting body of a subterranean fungus that forms a symbiotic relationship with the roots of oak and hazelnut trees. It produces an irregular, warty culinary jewel called a truffle during winter dormancy. This “fruit” of the fungus develops slowly underground in a cluster, absorbing flavours from the earth.

Originating in France’s esteemed wine-producing regions, crafting Black Perigord truffles that resonate with and surpass the French standard demands a perfect blend of scientific mastery and nature’s artistry—principles guiding our every endeavour.

Unparalleled Quality: A Testament to Mastery

Truffle Hill’s Black Perigord truffles stand as the finest in the Southern Hemisphere through our expertise and Manjimup’s superb soils and climate. Culinary experts laud our truffles for their unmatched intensity, consistency, and sublime flavour refinement.
Ralf Bos, known as the renowned “Truffle Pope” of Germany, extols our truffles for their extraordinary aroma and flavour, rating our Black Perigord truffles above even those from France, the cradle of truffle cultivation.

Our mature, impeccably managed orchards consistently yield Australia’s most aromatic fresh black truffles. This bounty allows us to grace fine dining establishments worldwide during the Southern Hemisphere winter, sharing this luxurious ingredient with a discerning global palate.

Truffle Hill - Trusted By Michelin Star Chefs Worldwide

Unforgettable Aroma and Flavour

Our Black Perigord truffles’ intense, multifaceted aroma is more than a sensory delight; it’s a culinary experience second to none. With a rich symphony of notes ranging from forest floor to garlicky and the essence of the earth, that creates a culinary experience that lingers in the memory long after the last bite.

Peak Season

Truffles have a brief ripe season from June to August in Manjimup. Harvesting truffles at the right time is crucial, as they cannot be harvested prematurely. When perfectly ripe, their earthy aromas are intoxicating. However, they have a notoriously short shelf life of only two weeks before the flavour declines – this makes precise harvesting a delicate craft.

From Farm to Table Experience the Craft of Truffle Hunting at Truffle Hill

Each day, our hunters and dogs search for only peak-ripe truffles. Each harvested truffle passes through multiple rounds of sorting, cleaning and grading. Any imperfections are trimmed away to meet our exacting standards. This meticulous selection guarantees that only the best truffles reach the customer.

The Truffle Experience: Elevate the Ordinary

The Black Perigord truffle reigns supreme in culinary versatility and prestige, whether gracefully shaved over pasta, subtly infused into oils, or imparting elegance to meats, eggs, and cheese. Merely a few grams can transform dishes, adding layers of intrigue, umami richness, and unexpected depths of flavour.

Heat becomes the catalyst that unlocks the truffle’s ethereal aromas and taste. As the fragrance unfolds, so do dimensions that elevate a dish from commonplace to extraordinary. Allow Truffle Hill’s black diamonds from Manjimup to be the crowning touch to your next culinary creation.

Our Fresh Truffles are available from May to Mid-August and can be pre-Ordered | darian@trufflehill.com.au

Black Truffle FAQ’s:

Black truffles are often considered a luxurious delicacy due to their scarcity and unique cultivation requirements. Growing only in specific conditions, they demand precise habitats and enter symbiotic relationships with certain tree species. These factors and high demand and limited supply contribute to their exclusivity and elevated market price.

The allure of black truffles lies in their distinctive flavour and aroma. A gastronomic gem, they exude a robust, earthy taste intermingled with garlic, musk, and umami nuances. Their aroma is simultaneously pungent and beguiling, often characterised as entrancing. These attributes render black truffles a cherished ingredient, capable of imparting richness and sophistication to gourmet dishes.

The aroma of a Black Périgord truffle, is renowned for its exquisite and complex scent. It is often described as intensely earthy, with pronounced notes of damp soil, forest floor, and a strong musky quality. The aroma is also rich in hints of garlic, nutmeg, and even cocoa or chocolate. It’s a truly unique and luxurious fragrance that adds depth and flavour to culinary dishes, making it one of the most sought-after truffle varieties in the world.

The Australian Black Perigord truffle is renowned for its culinary applications and for enhancing a variety of dishes with its rich flavour. Whether shaved over pasta, risotto, or eggs or creatively incorporated into sauces and dressings, their intense, earthy flavour brings depth and luxury to savoury creations. They stand as a symbol of gastronomic luxury and creativity in contemporary cuisine.

Authenticating an Australian Black Perigord truffle requires careful consideration of several key attributes. The genuine truffle should emit a potent and characteristic aroma, possess a firm texture, and display a rich dark brown or black hue. Sourcing the truffle from well-established and reputable growers or suppliers is crucial, as it helps ensure quality and authenticity.

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