Why Now Is the Best Time For Black Truffle Hunting in Western Australia

29 Jun 2021

Truffle hunting is an unforgettable culinary adventure for any foodie. You truly appreciate nature and the joy that comes from digging for your food when strolling through an oak forest in the autumn, with crisp leaves on the ground and a trained dog as your guide. What's the best part? Your reward is a sought-after delicacy that enhances the flavour of any dish and is used by world-famous chefs. 

The Truffle season takes place every year in June, during the harvesting time in Western Australia. The Truffle Hill in Manjimup is the world's largest producer of black truffles, and the excitement of truffle hunting may be experienced at this truffière.

Truffles grow on the roots of ancient oak and hazelnut trees, deep beneath the soil. Because truffles mature underground, dogs are particularly taught to utilise their sense of smell to lead farmers to ready-to-harvest truffles while ignoring those that require more time to develop. 

Truffles were originally hunted by pigs. The pigs are drawn to the truffle's musty, sensuous fragrance. On the other hand, the pigs could remove the fingers of people who were hunting with them and were unwilling to give up their treasure. On the other hand, dogs have no such qualms; they are more interested in the goodies that their handlers offer them than in the truffle. 

In Manjimup, Western Australia, the black truffle is a relatively new industry. It has expanded to generate 70% of Australia's truffle crop in just over a decade. Manjimup truffles are famous throughout Australia. They are a superb specimen of Western Australian truffles. The growth of the orchard truffle business has concentrated on the Manjimup region, with dogs. 

Truffles are commonly referred to as "Black Gold," a reference to their scarcity and high worth. Once found, the truffles are carefully pulled from the ground with a little metal shovel, allowing chefs and gourmands all around the world to enjoy them! 

The Fresh Black Perigord Truffle is so valuable that it may fetch $125 per 50G. 

Why Do Truffles Cost So Much?

Truffles are priced for their distinctive aromas and flavour. Truffles are pricey because they only grow in certain areas and are difficult to come by. You must be an expert in truffle hunting or have a specially trained dog or pig that has been trained to scavenge truffles. Truffle hunting is a time-consuming and labour-intensive endeavour. 

Another reason they're pricey is that they're popularly difficult to grow or produce in large quantities on their own. Planting truffle orchards has proven to be difficult for some farmers. To even be able to harvest any truffles, it might take up to six years. 

Want To Have a Truffle Experience?

Truffle Hill is among the few truffieres in the world that invites a small number of people to go on a winter truffle hunt and witness how truffles grow, mature, and are harvested firsthand.

Our Truffle Season starts in June, continues every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until Sunday, August 22nd. There are a limited number of spots available, and groups are limited to a maximum of 16, so book your spot now! The Truffle Hunt begins at 14:00 on Fridays, 10:00 on Saturdays, and 10:00 on Sundays. For more information, visit https://www.trufflehill.com.au/

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