“An experience for everyone.”

Since its establishment, passion and dedication, coupled with an extraordinary microclimate, has seen Truffle Hill become the largest producer of superior black perigord truffles in the world and a premier truffière.

Truffle Hill is one of the few truffières in the world that allows a select number of people to participate in the rare privilege of a truffle hunting experience during the winter months.

Truffle Hunting Season

Although, there’s a lot more that goes into producing the Black Perigord Truffle from Truffle Hill as romantic and as sought after as it still is today. It’s everything from the quaint town in Western Australia called Manjimup, the stories of the Truffle Hunts, the sweet earthy aroma’s from fruity fungi, to the tantalising dishes that bring to life the real essence of the truffle in every single, aromatically pleasing dish that has the ability to heighten ones senses and create an atmosphere likened to that of a group of life long friends, high on life and intoxicated on nothing but truffle.

Book a Truffle Hunt

Why not try your truffle luck on one of our very truffle hunts. Our season kicks off on Friday 5th June and runs every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. But Hurry as spots are limited!

You may also want to enquire about our truffle hunt and wine experience. For more information on times and tour bookings please email us on huntingtruffles@trufflehill.com.au or Fill out the form below and one of our team members will get back to you as soon possible.