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Based on the picturesque landscapes of Manjimup, Western Australia, Truffle Hill stands as an icon of culinary excellence in the world of truffles.

Our journey began as a pioneering venture, transforming this serene region into a hub for the finest black Périgord truffles. It’s a story of passion, dedication, and a deep-rooted love for the earth’s hidden treasures.

Recently, our truffle farm was featured on the popular TV show “Our State on a Plate.” This spotlight was a moment of pride for us at Truffle Hill and an opportunity to share our story and the wonders of truffles and truffle products with a broader audience. As we peel back the layers of our journey, it’s clear that we are more than just a farm but a testament to the allure of truffles and their transformative power in the culinary world.

From our humble beginnings in 1997, Truffle Hill has grown, quite literally, from the ground up. We’ve nurtured our land and truffles with utmost care, ensuring that each truffle we harvest reflects our commitment to quality.

Our location in Manjimup, renowned for its rich soil and ideal truffle-growing climate, has been instrumental in our success. Here, we’ve cultivated not just truffles but a legacy that intertwines with the region’s story.

Join us as we explore what makes Truffle Hill a true gem in the world of gastronomy.

The Visit by "Our State on a Plate"

“We want to share the flavours all through the sea all through the year not just for the little three-month truffle season that we experience every year.”

The “Our State on a Plate” episode featuring Truffle Hill provided viewers with an intimate look into the heart of Australia’s truffle trade right here in Manjimup.

Georgia Moore engaged in a fascinating conversation during the show with Darian Cheffers, our Head of Marketing at Truffle Hill. Darian discussed the unique aspects of truffle cultivation and our farm’s role in the broader truffle industry. He explained the significance of commercial farms in sustaining and expanding the truffle market, a task we have embraced with both hands.

Watch the episode here:

Darian also highlighted our efforts to make truffles accessible beyond their traditional season. Through our innovative product range, we’ve captured the essence of truffles, allowing enthusiasts to enjoy their distinct flavour all year round. This approach has diversified our offerings and solidified our position in the global truffle market.

Watching our story unfold on “Our State on a Plate” was a proud moment, affirming our place at the forefront of the truffle industry and our ongoing mission to share the wonder of truffles with the world.

Showcasing Truffle Hill's Truffle Products

Our passion for truffles extends beyond the hunt and harvest. We take great pride in our range of gourmet truffle products, each crafted to bring the unique and exquisite flavour of truffles into your kitchen year-round. As culinary game-changers, our products are designed to transform everyday dishes into gourmet delights.

Our truffle oil is a cornerstone of this range. Made with the finest Manjimup black truffles, it adds a luxurious depth to even the simplest dishes. Imagine drizzling it over a piece of warm, crusty bread or using it to finish a creamy risotto.

Then there’s our truffle aioli, a creamy and rich addition to any meal. It pairs wonderfully with crispy, golden fries or as a decadent spread on a gourmet sandwich. The aioli infuses each bite with the subtle yet unmistakable taste of truffles, turning ordinary meals into something truly special.

Our truffle hot sauce is for those who like a bit of heat with their flavour. It’s a perfect blend of spicy and earthy tones, ideal for adding a kick to grilled meats or as a unique twist to your Bloody Mary. The sauce’s heat is beautifully balanced with the truffle, creating a harmonious blend of flavours.

For a touch of Japanese influence, our truffle ponzu is a revelation. Its citrusy, tangy profile, combined with the umami of truffles, makes it an excellent choice for dressing salads or as a dipping sauce for dumplings. It’s a fusion of flavours that must be tasted to be believed.

Lastly, our truffle honey is a sweet surprise. It’s delightful when drizzled over a wheel of brie or used to glaze a roast ham. The sweetness of the honey complements the earthiness of the truffle, creating a balance that is both unexpected and delightful.

Truffle-Infused Dishes

truffle ponzu and truffle hot sauce

The dishes highlighted in the show illustrated how our truffle products can transform everyday cooking into an extraordinary experience.

One of the standout dishes was a simple yet sublime cheese and avocado toastie, elevated to gourmet status with our truffle oil. The oil, lightly seared onto the toast, brought a luxurious truffle hit to this classic comfort food.

Another dish that captured the imagination was the marron, freshly caught from our dam. Boiled and then enhanced with our truffle aioli, it showcased how our truffle aioli’s creamy and rich flavours can complement seafood beautifully.

The episode also featured oysters, prepared with a light blanch, then chilled and sautéed with our truffle oil. Served back in their shells with a few drops of our ponzu, these oysters were a true delicacy.

But why stop at the food?

We believe in the perfect pairing, and what better way to complement these truffle-infused dishes than with our Truffle Hill wines? Our wines are not just beverages but an integral part of the dining experience, designed to enhance and elevate the truffle flavours in each dish.

Every bottle of Truffle Hill wine has a story of the land, the climate, and the passion that goes into every aspect of our truffle journey. This dedication to quality and flavour makes dining an experience to remember. So, as you indulge in our truffle dishes, let our wines take your culinary adventure to new heights.

Experience Truffle Hill

We warmly invite you to Truffle Hill for an unforgettable truffle hunting and tasting adventure. Experience the thrill of the hunt and the delight of tasting truffles right from the source. Our farm offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of truffles, surrounded by the beauty of Manjimup.

Our range of exquisite truffle products is available online and at select stockists for those who can’t make the journey. Discover the magic of Truffle Hill in your own kitchen and bring a touch of gourmet to your everyday meals.

Visit our website for more information, to purchase our truffle products, or to book a visit to our farm.

Note: The 2024 Truffle Hill truffle hunting season will begin on Friday, May 31, and end on Sunday, August 18.

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With years of collective expertise in truffle cultivation and a deep connection to the land, the Truffle Hill Team is dedicated to producing Australia's finest Black Périgord truffles. Our mission is to offer insights and stories that enlighten and inspire, from intricate farming techniques to the art of truffle harvesting. We cater to enthusiasts, chefs, and anyone curious about the world of truffles. When not tending to our truffles, we're exploring new methods and ideas to bring the unique essence of our truffles to your table.

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