Black Perigord Truffles: What Are They and How Do You Use It

26 Jul 2021

A gourmet's favorite ingredient, truffles are grown underground and hunted only by pigs and dogs. Their kitchen has been called a diamond. There is no food that matches the flavor of truffle, making it one of the most popular gourmet delicacies, and we are delighted to be able to provide it in our stores.

What Are Black Perigord Truffles, Exactly?

A truffle is a two-part underground mushroom. First is the fruiting, which you consume. The second part is invisible and consists of the truffle's roots.

Depending on the type of truffle, the fruiting bodies appear during different seasons. Truffles can vary in size, shape, and depth. They can be large, small, evenly rounded, or irregular in shape. It is made up of soft flesh under the skin, which can be smooth or rough.

Truffles depend on their environment to develop. It is a very demanding delicacy that requires specific climatic conditions, and that is another reason for its rarity.

An edible fungus, truffles grow underground by symbiotically interacting with tree roots, usually hazel and oak. Once the tree and the fungal filaments reach maturity (usually after about 5 years), the fruiting body or truffle appears seasonally.

Where Do Truffles Come From?

Our Black Perigord Truffles are produced in Manjimup, Western Australia. Truffles grow in Australia and are harvested between May and August.

For the traditional truffle hunt, pigs were used in the past, but nowadays, specially trained dogs sniff out the fresh truffles. Western Australia supplies 75% of Australia's production, and Australia ranks fourth globally in truffle production. It is estimated that there are 160 commercial truffle growers throughout the country.

How Do You Use a Truffle?

Truffles can be cooked, infused into foods, or used to enhance flavor. If you store freshly harvested truffles with fresh eggs for two days, the yolks will brew with the truffle aroma.

Add thinly sliced or grated cheese to foods and soups before serving. The flavor of truffles complements dishes with eggs, mushrooms, chicken, pasta, risotto, potatoes, and root vegetables. As Australian truffles are highly attracted to fats, they can work with a wide range of fats, such as truffle butter, which retain the truffle aroma.

How To Store Truffles?

Ideally, black truffles should be consumed within a few days of being unearthed. 

Truffles are very sensitive to moisture. If you wish to keep truffles fresh longer, up to 10-12 days, place them in a dry, closed container in the crisper compartment of the refrigerator instead of the coldest regions. To keep the truffles fresh, daily change the absorbent paper around them and keep the jar dry.

Are Truffles Healthy?

Truffles are known for their scent, but they also possess nutritional value, a value that is nearly the same for all the different species of truffles. Although, it varies depending on the conditions under which it develops.

Truffles contain 72% water, very little fat (approx 0.6%), and a good amount of protein (approx 8.6%). Truffles are among the most nutritious mushrooms available.  Their proteins consist of methionine, cysteine, and lysine.  Moreover, truffles contain minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, iron, chlorine, and silicone, as well as amino acids. 

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